In seeking to provide safe and enriching environments for children and young people within the context of parishes, agencies and entities, the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne sets out key selection, recruitment and screening processes that consider the suitability and appropriateness of persons to work with children and young people in ministry or in an employment or voluntary role to minimise the risk of child abuse occurring.

Within an organisational context, some perpetrators purposefully seek volunteering or employment opportunities to gain access to children and young people, while others will take advantage of opportunities and situations to perpetrate abuse. Consistent with the requirements of the Victorian Child Safe Standards and the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards, parishes, agencies and entities recognise that robust human resource management processes play a crucial role in child safety by assisting in the recruitment of suitable and appropriate persons to work and volunteer in child-related roles.

Each of the steps of a robust selection and recruitment process is outlined in the Selection, Recruitment and Screening resource (below). Additional information in relation to each of the steps including templates is provided in the following information sheets and templates.

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Selection, screening & recruitment
Creating a role/position description
Conducting a referee check
Working with Children Check
Criminal History Record Check (if applicable)
Induction resources
Child safety induction
Supervision and performance management
Proof of Identity
Additional resources