We all yearn to be part of a vibrant and growing parish community, where people are welcomed, loved and accompanied at all stages of our faith and of our life. A place where people can contribute to the life of the community and where we are equipped to make a real difference in the world.

The Acts of the Apostles (2:42–47) describes such an ‘ideal’ community from the early years of the Christian Church. From this passage we can identify interdependent ‘systems’—worship, evangelisation, discipleship, community and service—each of which needs to be functioning well if a parish is to be healthy. If one of these important areas of parish life is under-developed, then the overall vitality and fruitfulness of the parish can be impaired.

Our Archdiocese is undertaking a significant shift towards a more intentionally missionary focus in all our agencies and parishes.

Proclaim: The Office for Mission Renewal has resources and staff to support your parish to become more intentionally missionary. For further information, contact: proclaim@cam.org.au or to speak to someone, phone Lorraine on (03) 9287 5576.

Further resources will be added to this page shortly.