Pope Francis reminds us that young people ‘are the now of God’. They are also the ‘here and now of the Church’ and hold a vital place in our community.

Whether you are at school, university, starting your career or anywhere in between, there are many different ways to explore or deepen your faith, connect with others and experience the joy of following Jesus. The joy of living with Jesus is a life-long journey and we want to walk with you as you seek to explore your faith and grow in the understanding of who God has created you to be.

Youth and young adult groups

Across the greater Melbourne area, youth and young adult groups based in parishes and university campuses allow young people to connect with a community, find encouragement and accompany one another along their faith journey. They allow young people to navigate life’s big questions together and to discover the place of God in their lives. They also provide opportunities to encounter Jesus and his unconditional love for you.

Whether you’re new to the Catholic faith, looking for meaning, have questions or are committed to your faith, you will find a place of welcome in our youth, young adult and campus ministry communities. You don’t have to walk your journey alone. If you would like to join a youth, young adult and campus ministry group, you might like to check with your local parish community to find out if they have any groups. Or for information on youth groups near you, contact the Proclaim team at proclaim@cam.org.au.

Ministry support

If you are a youth or young adult group leader, we would love to connect with you. The Ministry Hub is a new initiative that seeks to support youth and young adult leaders at the local level, connecting them with other ministry leaders in Melbourne and providing ongoing opportunities for training and formation. If you currently lead a youth or young adult group or are looking to build youth ministry in your community, contact the Proclaim team at proclaim@cam.org.au.

Discipleship on Campus

If you are a university student we would love to meet you. Our Discipleship on Campus team is here to serve you and other young adults throughout the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Through small-group Bible studies, opportunities for prayer and formation, and one-on-one discipleship and mentoring, we seek to inspire the young people of Melbourne to embark on the lifelong journey of discipleship and to equip them to put their gifts and talents at the service of Jesus and others.

To get involved or for more information about Discipleship on Campus please visit https://udisciple.melbournecatholic.org or contact Fr Nicholas Pearce at nicholas.pearce@cam.org.au.