The Easter Triduum is the highlight of the liturgical year. It is the culmination of our Lenten journey and a chance to celebrate the central mysteries of our faith. At St Patrick’s Cathedral, thousands gathered over the Triduum to be with our Lord in his suffering and death, and welcome the new light of resurrection.

Here’s a look at St Patrick’s over the Triduum.

Holy Thursday

As we commemorate the Lord’s Supper this evening, re-enacting on this night the fullness of the love he once showed to his disciples, and then partaking in the bread and cup of his sacrifice for us, let us remember—and accept—that this is our communion in the blood of Christ. Let God see his Son on our doorposts, that the death that marks us all might pass over us. God’s Son has taken on that death for us; his blood is the sign by which we now live.

- Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

You can read the Archbishop’s full Holy Thursday homily here.

Good Friday

To shed blood—to take the path of violence—is to destroy life. Jesus did not do this. He came to give life, and accepted his death as the means for this. He walked the path in which he received violence but did not give it out. His way was not to fight. The road to Calvary was the road to forgiveness. It was only after he had died that the blood of Jesus would pour forth from his side, not in a trickle of death, but as a stream of life.

- Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

You can read the Archbishop’s full Good Friday homily here

Easter Vigil

This is the gift of Jesus’ resurrection: that we have not been left alone to face the hostility of the world. Jesus is with us in the midst of all that transpires in our lives. He greets us, holds us, remains with us. Jesus walks along the road of our lives, accompanying and assuring us of his presence. In his resurrection, Jesus gives encouragement, offers healing, shows the way to go. We are known and loved by him, so that we can know and love like him.

- Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

You can read the Archbishop’s full Easter homily here.