Socrates once opined that the unexamined life is not worth living. Thankfully, through the practice of spiritual direction, one is able to enter into a deeper reflection on the highs, lows and “in betweens” of life.

Engaging in spiritual direction can lead to more self-knowledge, says Sr Rita Malavisi rsj, the national chair of the Conference of Spiritual Directors (CSD) Australia. ‘This leads to a deeper knowledge of God’s presence and action in one’s life,’ she says. ‘Not only that, but it allows you to more freely respond in love to the circumstances of your life.’

Founded 30 years ago, CSD Australia is a professional not-for-profit association of spiritual directors from around Australia and is committed to a contemplative approach in the ministry of spiritual direction.

‘As the national chair of CSD Australia, it is very important for me to know that our directors are trained in one of the recognised formation programs in the field, and that they are undertaking ongoing spiritual development for themselves,’ Sr Rita says.

Earlier this month, CSD Australia relaunched its website, making it easier for those interested to learn about spiritual direction and find a local spiritual director.

Sr Rita says the Easter Octave was the perfect time to resurrect the website and invite people to explore the ministry further.

The online relaunch began in a contemplative manner, with attendees invited to listen to the words of Senior Australian of the Year Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, as she spoke of the deep listening of Dadirri.

Br Peter Carroll fms, President of Catholic Religious Australia, officially relaunched the website and called it a great asset not only for those seeking spiritual direction but also for leaders like himself who can now point people towards trained spiritual directors with CSD.

Also present at the launch was Bishop Greg Homeming of the Diocese of Lismore, who reflected on the importance of the spiritual direction. He said that while he was not trained in spiritual direction himself, he appreciated its importance in helping people to seek the presence of God in their lives.

The new website offers visitors a directory of spiritual directors, testimonials, member profiles and a series of FAQs.

Sr Rita said that while it was great that spiritual direction continued online during the pandemic, ‘our digital presence will never replace being face to face with people.’

  • Visit the CSD Australia website to learn more about spiritual direction and find a local spiritual director