As the superstars of the FIFA Women’s World Cup kick their goals, Socktober 2023 will have students across Australia kicking their own, and for a good cause.

The schools-based community-engagement initiative of Catholic Mission, which launched this month, seeks to show students and their families the injustice of global poverty, especially for young children, through the unifying power of the world game.

‘All eyes have been on the Matildas, but Socktober is a reminder for students and their families that there are children around the world who love this game just as much as us, but that is sometimes where the equality ends,’ said Matt Poynting, the campaign lead.

This year’s campaign, which reaches its peak during World Mission Month in October, spotlights the issues of health, wellbeing and education in the community of Venilale, Timor-Leste, a country still struggling with poverty, health crises and trauma arising from its struggle for independence.

‘Through discovering the personal stories of young people in need, and what is being done to support them, our students here can better understand the importance of mission in places such as Venilale and the critical role they play in supporting it, even as young people themselves,’ said Matt.

Last year’s Socktober campaign achieved incredible success, raising over $612,000 for vital projects in Ethiopia and various parts of the globe. This year, Catholic Mission is rallying students and educators to go one better for the people of Timor-Leste.

‘As we launch Socktober 2023, we are reminded of the overwhelming support and generosity shown by the students and schools across Australia last year,’ said Matt.

We are excited to see this remarkable enthusiasm, especially in the lingering atmosphere of a World Cup, channelled towards addressing the urgent needs in Timor-Leste, where missionaries are working tirelessly to create sustainable change.

One of the highlights of Socktober 2023 is the availability of Catholic Mission’s renowned resources for schools, including the highly acclaimed Mission Packs. These engaging educational resources are thoughtfully curated to provide students with an in-depth understanding of global social justice issues while also igniting their passion for contributing to positive change in the world.

The Socktober 2023 website provides students and schools with a seamless platform to contribute to the cause. The Mission Packs and other resources for teachers can be found there. Catholic Mission invites students right across Australia to sign up as a Socktober Star in 2023.

Visit to find out more about Socktober 2023 and how to get involved.