Read something spiritually nourishing


04 September 2020

Presented By

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli


Hello friends. Sorry I wasn’t with you last week but I was in quarantine so I was unable to film anything, or at least I was unable to have someone help me film. I probably could have done something on my own camera but I’m not that technologically sufficient at the moment. But welcome. And at this time when you’re watching this, we would have begun our season of spring and what a spring this is, and what a year, that it has been.

But as you know, spring is a beautiful sign of new life and moving from the old year of winter into the new year of spring and the movement from the death of cold into the warmth of new life.

And so I hope as we are making our way through this Stage 4 or at least most of us in the Archdiocese, that this turn towards spring might also be a moment of a turning towards a recognition of the hope that the Lord has for each one of us.

I’m holding a book in my hand for a reason.

Not for any particular reason of this book, but simply to say that when we undertake something new, spring might be a time to do that, it’s always helpful to do so in a way that can nourish us. So you might find a book, in terms of our faith, a spiritual book or book of theology or a book of catechesis or something that you might want to read the stories of Jesus.

And make this a new beginning in terms of taking up some reading in your own nourishment of your faith life and your spiritual life. The particular book that I’ve got just arrived in the mail a few days ago and is for me something to read. It’s a directory for catechesis that has come out from Rome. And I look forward to being able to make my way through it.

Pick your own book. But make it a good one, make it something spiritually nourishing, faith nourishing, something that can bring the gospel alive in your life and in the life of your families.

It’s great to be back. We’re here with you and be assured of my prayers for you and care for you.