At 21 years old, Melbournian Kyle Correya juggles life as both a tradie and musician.

Not only is he three and a half years into his electrical apprenticeship, but outside of that physically demanding work—where he sees ‘all kinds of life; the rich of the rich and the poor of the poor’—he is regularly engaged in music ministry.

Master of several instruments, he released his own album, Gatekeeper, when he was only 18. For World Youth Day 2023, he was director of music for the Archdiocese of Melbourne—and pilgrim on the Italian Way journey—and is highly involved in his local parish of St Peter’s in Epping.

His next adventure will be to Rome. Excitingly, it has just been announced that Kyle has been nominated to represent Australia for the 2024 International Youth Ministry Congress.

When he was first told of the nomination recently, Kyle says he felt ‘overwhelmed’ by the news. For as long as he can remember, music and faith have been part of his life and family.

‘My family has been involved in the Church since I was born,’ he says. ‘My parents, they sing, they’re musicians. My dad’s a prayer group leader. I’ve been playing music with him since I was six years old.’

Drums, keyboard, organ, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, vocals—Kyle found a love of all things musical very early in life. Most of all he desires to use his gifts for the glory of God.

He describes how, on a music tour with his family around Australia, they would lead worship for eucharistic adoration. On one of these evenings in particular, ‘I really felt the presence of God,’ he says. ‘From that moment onwards, I knew I had to do music ministry.’

Kyle Correya Musician 1
Kyle Correya led worship for WYD 2023.

When he released Gatekeeper, he was moved by the sheer volume of responses from people describing how his music had helped them experience the presence of God for themselves.

As a tradie, doing work that is ‘challenging, mentally and physically’, it can sometimes feel like he lives two separate lives. ‘Not a lot of tradies talk about God. It’s a very different culture.’

But Kyle has often been open about his music and ministry, and some conversations with fellow tradies have even led to them attending eucharistic adoration and returning to church.

In Rome, Kyle will be sharing his experience of World Youth Day in Lisbon and his own journey of faith.

‘It’s very exciting. I’m hoping to use all the knowledge I get from this trip to do more ministry work, especially with the youth of Australia,’ he says. ‘That’s my dream, to do ministry work with youth, but also to use my gift of music with it.’