For Jesus, all his roads led only to Jerusalem.

As Luke noted early in his gospel, “When the time drew near for [Jesus] to be taken up, he resolutely turned his face towards Jerusalem.” (Lk 9.51) Now, on the threshold of his passion and death, we hear that “Jesus went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem.”

Jesus had always intended to get to Jerusalem; his destiny – and ours – lay there. His journey there was meticulously planned, and deliberately taken; he had our salvation in mind. He knew what he had to do there for us.

Those with him on the journey, however, seemed not to have registered this. The instructions that needed to be given suggest companions still unclear, unsure, unaware. Yet, there was a trusting willingness on their part to get involved.

As we stand here now, commemorating the arrival of Our Saviour to his city, might we walk with hope that we, too, unsure yet trusting, may take our place in the journey of Jesus to the culmination of his destiny.

Hosanna to the Son of David; Hosanna to our King.

As the hour had come… Jesus resolutely took his place in the drama of our salvation. No more teachings, no more miracles, no more parables. The hour had come for him to die.

Unbeknown to the world, God had devised to rescue his people, not by victory but by death.

Jesus went to the cross alone, for nothing we could do would save us. It was all his work. The hour of his death became the hour of our rebirth.

Into His hands may we commit our spirits.