Sometimes, very little needs to be said in a homily. Just point out the obvious and allow the point to reverberate. Today is such a case.

David – king of Israel, secure in his own power, comfortable in faith – says to God, let me build you a house. God says ‘no’.

Mary – young woman of Israel, humble in her simplicity, trusting in faith – hears from God, let me build a house in you. Mary says ‘yes’.

God does not need a house built for him by us.

But God does desire to build a house among us.

The Incarnation is where God said to his beloved creation, I want to make my home in you.

And what is our response to be?

To borrow the words of the Australian poet Kevin Hart:

Go far into yourself,
Let quietness gather there,
then say the word.

Humbly, simply, trustingly, let us not be afraid to say the word ‘yes’.