Doers of the Word


03 August 2020

Presented By

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

'We're called to be doers of the Word.' In his latest message to the faithful, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli asks us to reflect on how we might put into action God's Word in our own lives. Archbishop Comensoli also offers his prayers for all those affected by the coronavirus, particularly those in our community who have lost their lives and the families who now grieve for them.


Hello, friends. As you can see, I'm outside today. And you're seeing a view up onto St Patrick's Cathedral, and a little bit of the light of the early evening, coming through. It's quite a lovely image of the water feature also that forms part of the grounds here at the cathedral.

As you know, over the last few weeks in our Sunday Scriptures we've been listening to various parables that our Lord told—stories—the words that help us to understand our relationship with him. And this particular Sunday, we move into some action aspects of the Lord's life that draw us into his deeds. I thought that was a lovely sort of image for us to reflect on this week. It's both Word and deed that matters. The Word of God with a capital W. He becomes flesh for us and offers us the gift of eternal life through his own body.

We're called to be doers of the Word, and so on this opportunity to just share with you this week, I might ask you to reflect a little bit about how you might be able to be a doer of God's Word in your circumstances at the moment.

As we know, the numbers have been really very, very difficult to grasp at the moment. And so many people now are catching coronavirus. And sadly, sadly, sadly, so many numbers now are dying – particularly our elderly brothers and sisters in the nursing homes throughout our city. And so I wanted to just offer a particular prayer for those who have died; for their families who are suffering in grief because of this. And for those who are among the many now who are contracting this very terrible virus that is affecting all of us. To all of you, my prayer of encouragement and of hope and of the life that the Lord offers, even in the midst of struggles of life that we all have. And so friends, on this week when we might be able to think about how we can become doers of the Word, may by the Word of Life become evident in our own lives.

Until next week.