God's mercy is for all


09 April 2021

Presented By

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli


'Hello friends. I'm actually filming this in my own office; I am doing it now this way, because I cannot film where I am to be on this Sunday of Divine Mercy, the second Sunday of Easter, because I'll be celebrating Mass that day in one of our prisons here, within the city of Melbourne. Over the last few years since I've arrived, I’ve aimed to try and celebrate the sacraments in our prisons every few months or so. But I want to let you know that in fact, all the prisons throughout Victoria are visited by chaplains every week, and it's been going on for many many years. And this is such an important ministry, that there is a way in which we reach out to those who are in prison, who are captive. You know the great parable of the sheep and the goats, and the Lord's says in that parable: "When you fed me, when you clothed me, when you visited me when I was in prison... Then, you will be received into the kingdom of God."

And so, I can't film there but I just wanted to share with you just the importance of that, and invite you to always be in a sense of prayer for those who are in prison. Yes, they're there for a reason, we all recognise that. But these are God's people too — in need of healing, in need of reconciliation, in need of the Lord's body and blood that might give them nourishment and strength through their difficult time.

So I invite you to pray for our prisoners; to support in whatever way you might prison ministry, and to always have a heart for those who are in need, who are captive in one way or another, and in need of freedom.'