Celebrating our family of faith


09 June 2022

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Melbourne Catholic

This year marks 175 years since the Diocese of Melbourne was established. Our family of faith has much to celebrate since our beginnings in 1847! Archbishop Peter A Comensoli is inviting everyone to come together on Sunday 26 June 2022 at 11am for a special Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, which will feature specially commissioned music performed by our various ethnic communities. That weekend also marks the conclusion of the 10th World Meeting of Families, and so following the Mass, make sure to stick around for lots of food, fun and festivities around the Cathedral grounds!


Friends, as you may know, this year marks the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of Melbourne. 175 years ago, the Catholic faithful—men and women of great faith, emboldened by the Holy Spirit—put together the beginnings of what we now know as our family of faith here in Melbourne and the surrounds.

Our Archdiocese, we must never forget, is not the buildings or the structures or the ‘organisation’, but rather it is the people—God's people—and so, later this month, as we mark our 175th anniversary, I invite you and your families and friends to come and join me for a special Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, where generations of Catholics have walked and worshipped our God.

And, as it happens, that weekend is also the conclusion of the World Meeting of Families, which Pope Francis is celebrating in Rome and which communities from around the world will be invited to celebrate locally.

So what better time for us to come together as one family, the family of faith here in Melbourne. After the Mass, there will all sorts of fun and festivities around the Cathedral grounds, so I hope to see you there!