Archbishop Comensoli’s 2023 Christmas Message


19 December 2023

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Melbourne Catholic

In his Christmas message for 2023, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli reflects on the beautiful words of the prophet Isaiah, who speaks of ‘the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news, who announces salvation’.


Dear friends, we hear these words from the ancient prophet Isaiah (52:7):

How beautiful upon the mountains
are the feet of the messenger who announces peace,
who brings good news,
who announces salvation …

These are beautiful words—old words, first spoken in old days, yet so sorely needed in our day!

Amid this time of conflict, suffering and exile, Isaiah speaks to us words of peace and the good news about the Prince of Peace.

Our hearts ache for reconciliation of peoples; respect for our shared humanity; care for our crying planet. Our world and its people seem to be groaning and railing against pathways to true peace.

Yet we experience the hope of God through simple words of joy, mercy and peace.

The shepherds experienced this. So did the Magi. Mary and Joseph knew it intimately.

God knew we needed his Son to come amongst us, to show us the way ahead.

As we come to celebrate the Nativity of the Lord this year, might we be attentive to the broken people across the world who are held captive by the tragedy of war and old hatreds.

Might we also remember those exiled in other ways—bereft of knowing God; lost and searching for identity and purpose.

We too can be the messengers whose footfalls bring light into the world, announcing mercy, bringing joy, offering Good News.

God has come among us, simply, humbly and hopefully in a little child, his Son, our Brother.

May the peace that comes through this child, the Prince of Peace, be with you this Christmas.

And with every footstep, may you take His message, and life, out into the world.

Happy Christmas to you all!