Archbishop Comensoli sends special message to Year 12 students


11 September 2020

Presented By

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli


Hi Year 12, it’s just at the beginning of spring at the moment. I know the year has just gone off in a very odd direction for all of you.

I'm sure you will have been expecting to have been fully into getting ready for the VCE and for your various lots of exams, but having to do it in such a strange way this year.

I've been thinking of you particularly because you haven't had the opportunities that that other Year 12s would have had in their final year of gathering and being together and sharing the stories and all the circumstances of your final year in high school. Those things that haven't been yours this year.

But I hope nonetheless, that you've been able to find ways of being together and supporting one another, that you're in your home contexts are also getting in support of your family.

I just want to assure you of my prayer and encouragement, as you're preparing for your exams soon. And that, even in the circumstances in which you're doing this that this might nonetheless be a time that you can work through the anxieties and the struggles that are all part of our final year of school, and do so in a way that might lead you into hope and looking forward to the year ahead.

So my prayers, my blessings upon you all, and may this weird 2020, your year of VCE, nonetheless be a year that brings you a sense of hope and purpose in your life.