A word of thanks to our parishes


17 December 2021

Presented By

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli

In this brief message, Archbishop Peter A Comensoli offers a word of thanks to the many parishes and families within the Archdiocese of Melbourne.


Friends, God's people—God’s faithful—throughout the Archdiocese of Melbourne, in our local communities of grace, this short message is simply to offer you my prayer and blessing as we head into Christmas.

Throughout 2021, a bit like 2020, it has been a challenging time in our parish communities to bring the message of the good news to our people amidst the uncertainty and lockdowns, and I just wanted to acknowledge the great works of service and of care, and of outreach, that have taken place over this past year.

The mission of the Gospel is one of always bringing the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of people in most need.

That includes our young ones, in most need of receiving the sacramental life that is gives them the great gift of a life with Jesus. I know that over these last few weeks there’s been a mad scramble in all of our parishes to bring children to receive the Lord in Holy Communion, to receive the great gifts of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation, and there have been many, many baptisms, of children receiving the gift of faith.

And I just wanted to note all of that, for parishes and for families, these last few months have been a bit of a crazy time to try and fit all these things in as we open up a bit more.

To our families within our parish communities, I offer you a word of encouragement and hope, as you see in the lives of your children, that gift of faith blossoming.

To our priests, deacons, pastoral associates, pastoral carers, parish staff and sacramental coordinators, and the very, very many volunteers in ministries and works, thank you! What a great load you have carried over these last two years of the pandemic.

Let us hope that the year ahead might open up possibilities as we find new ways in which we are able to give expression to our faith in Jesus Christ, and to give that message of hope that he offers and the love that he gives.

To all of you, may this time leading into Christmas be full of the blessing and hope and the love of the Lord.

Archbishop Peter A Comensoli