Parishes are local communities where people gather, pray and do life together. Being part of a faith community can bring deep connection and belonging in the midst of a world that can feel lonely and unwelcoming.

Anyone is welcome at a Catholic parish and you are warmly invited to ‘come and see’. Parishes hold regular Masses (church services) and have all kinds of ways for you to learn about God, get involved and meet others. There are over two hundred Catholic parishes in Melbourne. Many of them have special programs that welcome new people who are looking for a community to belong to or who are wanting to become a Catholic. Many have Masses in different languages.

We would love to connect with you and welcome you into one of our parishes, where we hope you will find a welcoming community of people to pray, learn and do life with. You are so very welcome!

Find a parish near you and be sure to make yourself known to the priest or pastoral staff so they can let you know about the parish and welcome you.

For help in finding a Catholic community to belong to, please email