Engaging Your Faith is a series of short online sessions offering an opportunity to explore your faith through a variety of topics including Spirituality, Women in the Early Church, Church History, Reading the Church Classics, The Eucharist, and Science and Religion. All topics are presented by lecturers of Catholic Theological College.

Women in the Early Church: Implications for Today

This presentation will engage the women of the New Testament, examining their presence and participation, their roles, and their leadership, giving a couple of specific examples. It will extend further to the women in the Lycus Valley as a context of women’s presence, participation, and leadership in the broader society as well as the early church. Finally, I will draw some conclusions about what women contributed to the growth of the early church and what that might offer us today as we try to build collaborative ministry of women and men at all levels of our church.

Bookings close: Friday 21st May at 12.00pm

Event Date

Monday 24 May 2021


$20 per session