The Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at ACU is hosting Professor Christoph Markschies, who will deliver the English version of a lecture series originally given for the Joseph Ratzinger Papst Benedikt XVI–Stiftung, at the University of Regensburg in 2017, on the topic 'How Theological is Church History? Excursions into the History and Present of a Discipline.'

These lectures not only address how people have argued and thought about these connections in past centuries, since the first Christian historians of antiquity, but also present a new outline that attempts to address the problem at the level of historiographical and theological discussion in the 21st century.

For any queries, email Associate Professor Matthew Crawford, the Director of the IRCI’s Program in Biblical and Early Christian Studies, at

Registration is essential and closes on 14 August.

Event Date

Friday 26 August 2022


ACU, Mary Glowrey Building, Level 2, Room 80A, 15 Young Street, Fitzroy