Organised by Anima Education and presented by David Schutz, this series seeks to introduce you to Scriptures, what kind of writings they are, how they came to us, and how the Church reads them. As a collection of books by many authors from many centuries, the Bible contains many different kinds of writing. The course will particularly focus on the narratives sections of Scripture and on the history of our salvation, which is the “Greatest Story ever told”.

Event Date

Monday 13 September 2021, 7.00pm
– Tuesday 14 September 2021, 9.00pm


Each class goes for two hours, each running over a course of 5 weeks.


This unit is offered in both face-to-face mode at Mary Glowrey House and on Zoom. Zoom classes will broadcast David’s live lectures (facilitated by Natasha Marsh)..


David Schütz 0400 978 938 or


$95 per person