Organised by Australian Catholic University, this unit is centred on the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic tradition, and pays close attention to key ecclesiastical legislation regarding its celebration, articulating a theology of the rite drawn from the liturgy itself. THLS601 will navigate the complex historical evolution, liturgical diversity, and theological richness of the sacrament of the Eucharist, exploring why its proper ritual celebration today is central to the identity and mission of the Catholic Church.

Event Date

Saturday 7 August 2021

Who is this course for?

Clergy, seminarians, teachers, liturgists, pastoral associates, parishioners and all who have an interest in the Eucharist are welcome to register for this professionallearning seminar (not for academic credit with no assessments) which is also being offered as a postgraduate unit (for academic credit or audit). This richface-to-face learning opportunity will provide you with access to your choice of 12 learning hours drawn from Professor Johnson’s lectures and special sessions with guest presenters. Learning sessiondescriptions can be viewed at

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