Professor Mary Coloe's commentary on John’s Gospel reveals the strong presence of Wisdom/Sophia permeating the text. The description of The Word (logos) present with God at the dawn of creation then coming to tabernacle on earth in the flesh of Jesus (1:14), echoes the journey of Wisdom described in Proverbs 8, and Sirach 24. While Sophia is not named in John, Jesus speaks as Sophia, and acts as Sophia, nourishing her children, offering “eternity life” and making believers friends of God. From the Prologue to the Passion, Sophia is there – hidden often by weak translations, and our ignorance of the Jewish Scriptures that John draws upon when he tells his story of Jesus.

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Feature image: 'The Wisdom of the Universe' (Acrylic painting by Christi Belcourt, 2014)

Event Date

Wednesday 27 October 2021