Engaging Your Faith is a series of online short sessions by Catholic Theological College. They offer an opportunity to explore your faith through a variety of topics including: Meditation and Compassion, The Bible as the Great War Story to End All War Stories, Can a Scientist Believe in God?

Lydia: Open-Hearted to Mission

Paul’s arrival in Philippi and his encounter with Lydia mark a significant second movement to 'the ends of the earth' (Acts 1:8). The focus here is particularly on his encounter with Lydia and the flourishing of this mission in a distinct and different place, with new opportunities for the development and growth of leadership and community. In particular, the session will concentrate on the insights of this narrative for the engagement with new frontiers in our present day.

Bookings close on Monday 13 September

Event Date

Wednesday 15 September 2021


$20 per session