Celebrating Liturgy Today: Exploring the Ritual Enactment of Faith (THLS606) is being offered through ACU’s Faculty of Theology and Philosophy.

The unit will be taught by Prof Clare Johnson and guests over four full days (9am–5pm) and will be delivered live online via Zoom as a professional learning seminar and concurrent intensive postgraduate unit. Total minimum commitment from professional learners is 12 hours over the four days, and there is no assessment.

This unit provides excellent basic liturgical formation as it investigates the celebration of liturgy (particularly the Eucharist) in light of the revised Roman Missal, recent Church instructions and key writings on the major liturgical and theological principles undergirding liturgical celebration. It also investigates liturgy's definition and forms, liturgical ministries at the service of the worshiping assembly, and employing technology appropriately in liturgy, among other topics. It identifies guidelines for preparing and evaluating effective liturgical celebrations in schools and parishes today.

Teachers, clergy, parish and diocesan personnel and interested others are most welcome to enrol in this unit as professional learners or auditors, or as part of a postgraduate program (through ACU or cross-institutionally).

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The ACU Centre for Liturgy can provide a certificate of attendance for those interested in applying for professional learning hours with their employer.

For those interested in enrolling in this special unit as part of a postgraduate qualification (for academic credit) there is a separate flyer which can be downloaded.

Event Date

Monday 8 July 2024, 9.00am
– Thursday 11 July 2024, 5.00pm