Join Rev Dr Paul Turner, Pastor of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City, Missouri, and Director of the Office of Divine Worship for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City, and the ACU Centre for Liturgy in an online public lecture to discuss how the culture surrounding Catholic funerals has changed in the face of Secularism and COVID-19.

Rev Dr Paul Turner holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology from Sant’ Anselmo in Rome. He also serves as a facilitator for the International Commission on English in the Liturgy, and his publications include Ars Celebrandi: Celebrating and Concelebrating Mass (Liturgical, 2021), New Church, New Altar A Commentary on the Order of Dedication of a Church and an Altar (Liturgical, 2021), Light in the Darkness: Preparing Better Catholic Funerals (Liturgical, 2017) and dozens of other titles.

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Event Date

Monday 18 July 2022