To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Catholic Theological College (CTC) is offering a free online conference focussed on the critical question: ‘How do we know Christ now?’. Explore how we know the same Christ more authentically and powerfully today through a special keynote presentation and workshops led by the CTC staff.

Keynote Presentations (9.30am - 11.15am)

  • Knowing Christ Now: In Context presented by Dr Rosemary Canavan, Department of Biblical Studies
  • Knowing Christ Through Science? On the one hand...but on the other... presented by Rev. Dr Chris Mulherin, Department of Philosophy
  • The Spirit Reveals the Christ presented by Rev. Assoc. Prof. John Dupuche, Department of Pastoral and Spiritual Studies

Workshops (11.30am - 12.30pm)

To register:

  • Click on the links above to register for the keynote presentation/s and workshop/s


For any queries, please contact Dr Christopher Morris on (03) 9412 3333 or email

Event Date

Friday 17 June 2022