All are invited to celebrate with the Missionary Sisters of Service and friends, the ‘Season of Creation’, from 1 September to 4 October. During this time, on each Sunday, we will host a 40-minute ‘pause’ at 4pm to reflect on the wonder of our Cosmos and its astonishing 14 billion year story, our own living planet and ourselves as an intimate and interdependent part of it all.

Our pause will be a time of wonder, to reflect, to pray and to care for our common home.

We will gather on Zoom each week and each session will consist of:

  • a presentation on some aspect of Creation
  • followed by a short time for reflection
  • a few minutes in small groups to share your thoughts on the day’s theme with three or four other participants
  • conclude with a blessing

Come for one session or for as many as you can.

Event Date

Sunday 5 September 2021


Invitation to The Season of Creation

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