Many people say (or fear?) that God and science don’t mix. ‘I believe in science …’ is often a reason people give for not taking Christianity seriously. In faith-based schools, 60 per cent of secondary students say Christianity and science are in conflict. This session is an introduction to the ‘conflict myth’ and will offer some clues about how to understand the science–faith relationship as a harmonious one.

Engaging Your Faith is a series of short, online, presentations that invite participants to reflect on what it means to be people of faith in the contemporary world. Experienced lecturers from Catholic Theological College present on a variety of topics such as religion and ethics, philosophy, the Gospel of Luke, interculturality, science and religion, incarnation, AI, and art and theology.

These sessions are eligible for maintaining accreditation in Catholic schools in all Victorian and Queensland dioceses. In other dioceses, teachers should check with their education office.

Cost: $25 per session | $40 per session (with accreditation).

Bookings close: Monday 20 May at 5pm.

Event Date

Wednesday 22 May 2024