The Christian classical tradition reminds us that the lamp of the body is the eye and, if we want to see God, He requires purity of heart.

Aristotle insisted that the path to wisdom required control of the passions. Over and over our mentors remind us that the cultivation of wisdom and virtue is the beginning and end of education—and civilisation. Instead of freedom to do whatever you want and thus to slide into slavery, a Christian classical education teaches us how to govern ourselves and thus be truly free.

The second CiRCE global online conference is a call to renew Christian classical education through a humane and Logos-centered curriculum, an incarnational pedagogy, a pious heart, and a coherent mind. Join us in the renewal of Christian classical education and the souls and societies that depend on it.

The cost of this conference is a donation of whatever size you feel you can make. If you can’t afford a donation, please feel free to come at no cost. If you can, the CiRCE Institute welcomes your partnership—suggested donation $67. Can’t make it live? Recordings of all talks will be provided for free.

For all enquiries, visit or call (+1) 704 794 2227).

Event Date

Friday 21 April 2023
– Saturday 22 April 2023


Friday, 21 - Saturday, 22 April 9am–4pm