Catholics around Australia are invited to a unique, national event, that will inspire, transform and revitalise faith communities. With presentations and workshops hosted by some of Australia’s most renowned Catholic speakers, ‘Evangelise’ will cover a range of mission and ministry topics, from cultural engagement to liturgy and Sacraments.

Plenary sessions: webcast live online, plenary sessions are for all participants and provide formation, experience, and inspiration. Plenary sessions will include speakers, panels, music, prayer and testimonies.

Keynote sessions: following each national plenary session, participants are invited to attend one of five live keynote speaker sessions. Sessions explore approaches to supporting the Church’s missions to evangelise through ‘Ministries within our faith communities’, or ‘Mission in the world.’

An event not to be missed!

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Event Date

Thursday 20 October 2022
– Saturday 22 October 2022