‘We are at a liminal place – a threshold of transition,’ Archbishop Peter A Comensoli said last night during the third annual Patrick Oration, which was attended by various religious, civic and community leaders from around Melbourne and broadcast live on C31. The Archbishop reflected on the sense of “exile” that the last two years of the pandemic have brought about, and why the domestic church – the family – remains the prime location for developing a sense of communion, formation and mission. If you missed it, you can read or watch the full Oration here.

Have you heard about ‘the best-kept secret in Melbourne’? The Stella Maris Centre has been part of the local Church’s mission to seafarers for more than a hundred years. Even the late Bert Newton AM MBE was an avid supporter of the ministry. We talk with Melbourne Catholic Christina Siciliano, a longtime volunteer at Stella Maris, about some of the work they do to support and advocate for the world's 1.4 million seafarers.

This week we also celebrated Catholic Education Week, with a host of great resources put together by principals, parish priests and parents to help us reflect more on working together for the benefit of our school communities. In the same vein, we explore why Catholic education is essential for us personally and socially, through the words of the popes. We also take a look at this year's winning pieces from the annual Creative Arts Exhibition by some of the incredible artistic talent coming out of Melbourne’s schools!

Last Tuesday ACU’s PM Glynn Institute launched its series of lectures called Ethos, an opportunity to think critically about ethics, the common good, and the future of Australia. The inaugural discussion explored the impact of social media on Australian culture and society, and looked at ways in which we might draw the best of it while limiting the harm.

We also hear from Fr Jerald Mariadas, Parish Priest at Ss Peter and Paul, Doncaster East and Our Lady of the Pines, Donvale, who shares his vocation story which began in the south of India and was nurtured by childhood stories of the saints and their lives of adventure and mission. And finally, since we’ve just celebrated the Solemnity of our patron, St Patrick, we take a look at one of the legends surrounding the great saint and why stories like this are great for evangelising the imagination at any age!

‘A threshold moment’: Archbishop Comensoli delivers the 2022 Patrick Oration
‘If we believe that it is by faith that we can seek healing, find our purpose, and live out our destiny, then we need to find the context of a life of faith in the domestic and among the generations. But how?’ This was the challenge posed by Archbishop Peter A Comensoli at the 2022 Patrick Oration held at the Catholic Leadership Centre on Thursday 17 March, the feast day of St Patrick, patron saint of the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
Stella Maris Melbourne: Celebrating the unsung heroes
For more than 100 years, Stella Maris Melbourne (formerly known as The Apostleship of the Sea), has been providing practical and pastoral support to seafarers from around the world. The pandemic has inevitably made life more difficult for seafarers, who have been unable to dock due to government regulations and effectively leaving them trapped in their workplace. During this time, Stella Maris Melbourne has continued to serve those at sea, offering online Masses, care packages, vital medical supplies and most recently, access to COVID vaccinations.
Celebrating Catholic Education Week 2022
To celebrate Catholic Education Week, a series of videos has been produced with principals, parish priests and parents reflecting on the importance of working together for the benefit of their school communities. The series celebrates the great work of over 1,500 parent volunteers in School Advisory Councils across the Archdiocese of Melbourne. With an introduction by the Episcopal Vicar for Catholic Schools, these four videos are an encapsulation of what some priests, principals and parent members of School Advisory Councils believe it means to be part of a Catholic school.
Creative Arts Exhibition 2022: A look at the winners
Every year, the Creative Arts Exhibition is an opportunity for artists in primary and secondary schools across Victoria to express themselves in creative ways. The exhibition is a much-loved feature of the annual celebration of Catholic Education Week, and an opportunity for us, the viewers, to be blown away by some of the incredible artistic talents these students possess.
Why we need a Catholic education: The popes weigh in
This week is Catholic Education Week. We thought it would be a great idea to delve into some of the things the popes have said about the nature and purpose of Catholic education. As we go through the thought of Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis, some common themes will emerge.
Social media systems are 'anathema' to a free society, Paul Kelly says
Is social media a force for good or bad in Australia? This week ACU launched its inaugural Ethos discussion, the topic of which was 'Harnessing social media for the common good.' We take a look at some of the issues, ethical and political, that were explored by the four guest pannelists.
Legends worth telling? St Patrick for modern people
The question of what to do with saintly legends such as St Patrick is important especially as we raise our children, and future generations, with stories of the saints. Can they be a means of evangelising the imagination?
‘We stand now on the threshold of such an exilic beginning. Neither a sentimental restoration of what once was, nor a reckless pursuit of un-anchored progress, will cut it. These are not illuminating stances, even if they might sparkle for a short while.’
Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
The 2022 Patrick Oration
Upcoming Events
Walk with Mary 2022
Sunday 20 March 2022
Join the Combined Societies of Mary and Bishop Tony Ireland at St Patrick's Cathedral for a special Mass, street procession and entrustment to Our Lady. How many times has God shown His power when His Mother has been honoured? Now is our time to be part of history, to be ...
Virtual Lent Series with Australian biblical scholars
Tuesday 1 March 2022
This Lent, Garratt Publishing is once again hosting a series of talks by four Australian biblical scholars from Yarra Theological Union, a College of the University of Divinity. Each week this group of accomplished guides will work together to explore the readings for the week. Guest speakers include: Prof Mary ...
Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre open days
Saturday 26 March 2022
Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre (MMHC) East Melbourne a place of inspiration and vitality, manifests and promotes the spirit and charism of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop and the Sisters of Saint Joseph. MMHC provides, through education, hospitality and charitable works, opportunities for all to experience and be challenged by ...
Information session for the Permanent Diaconate
Saturday 2 April 2022
Do you feel called to serve? The Permanent Diaconate is open to single and married men who want to serve God and the Church as ordained ministers. Come and see!
Why We Need a Classical Renewal: Online Conference
Friday 8 April 2022, 9.00am
– Saturday 9 April 2022, 3.00pm
Nations and peoples throughout the world are increasingly anxious about their children’s education. They fear they will be left out of the job market, technology will outpace them, and they won’t get into the colleges and universities that provide a secure future. The more people embrace the latest theories, the ...
God and Beer: Shakespeare and Catholicism
Monday 11 April 2022
The Knights of the Southern Cross (Dandenong North) invite you to 'the Nott' for a dose of inspiration, ideas and a hot meal. "God and Beer" draws on the truth, beauty and goodness of the Christian faith in the Catholic tradition. Presented by academic Angela Schumann, this talk will focus ...
International Ignatian Ecospiritual Online Conference
Monday 25 April 2022, 5.30pm
– Saturday 30 April 2022, 5.30pm
In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Conversion of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the International Ignatian Ecospiritual Conference in 2022 will seek to encourage a deeper “ecological conversion” through a contemplative immersion experience in Nature in different parts of the world that will lead to reconciliation with Creation. Central ...
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Supporting our seafarers: Video message from Archbishop Comensoli
Last weekend Archbishop Peter A Comensoli celebrated Mass at the Stella Maris Seafarers' Centre on Collins Street. While there, he recorded this short video message to thank the volunteers and raise awareness of the plight of seafarers during this time of the pandemic.

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