The grace of marriage


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On Sunday 22 October, more than 110 couples gathered at St Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate significant milestones in their marriage. Archbishop Peter A Comensoli thanked the couples for being witnesses to ‘grace and peace’ in a world that desperately needs it. One of the women in attendance, Anushka, talks to us about her ten years of marriage and the graces they have received to grow together in Christ.

That Sunday would normally have been the feast day of Pope John Paul II as well, so we explore with his help the heroism and grace that makes marriage possible.

Also this week, Sr Nicole Rotaru …; Mudra Sprava; and VMCH story …

The synod on synodality continues …

In the lead-up to the 2023 Benedict Conference happening this Saturday 28 October, we take a look at one aspect of Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy—his inquiry into faith and reason, and why they need each other.

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