Last Sunday, we celebrated a significant milestone in the history of the Catholic Church in Melbourne: the 175th anniversary of its establishment as a diocese!

At St Patrick’s Cathedral, a special Mass brought people together from across the Archdiocese, and during the homily Archbishop Peter A Comensoli reflected on the ways in which we have, over this time, truly become ‘a family of families’, with so many histories and peoples present to celebrate.

That evening, the celebrations continued at St Paul’s Cathedral as members of the Anglican and Catholic communities participated together in a Choral Evensong to mark the 175th anniversary of both dioceses and a shared history as the people of God in Melbourne.

We have much to be thankful for as an archdiocese. We can also be grateful for our first bishop, James Alipius Goold, who invested the sudden, gold-derived prosperity of his diocese in the future, allowing us to enjoy a cultural patrimony we wouldn’t have without his visionary contribution to the building of Melbourne. We continue our look at the ‘Goold rush’ and the interesting approach of Goold and others to being missionaries in colonial Australia.

On 3 July—this Sunday!—the Second Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of the Catholic Church in Australia will commence. It is an exciting time for the Church, an opportunity to discern together where the Holy Spirit is leading us. This week, we’ve put together a brief refresher on the significance of this assembly, what will be taking place and why it’s important to pray for all those involved.

St Thomas the apostle is also traditionally celebrated on 3 July, and Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ reflects on Thomas’ story of learning to trust.

Last Saturday also marked the conclusion of the 10th World Meeting of Families. During the homily of the closing Mass, Pope Francis reflected on the beauty of the family as an important institution for society and the Church.

Celebrating 175 years of our diocesan family of faith
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On Sunday 26 June, at St Patrick’s Cathedral, the people of God gathered from across the Archdiocese for a special Mass to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Diocese of Melbourne. The unity and diversity of Melbourne's 'family of faith' were both clearly on display at the cathedral as it resounded with song and the prayers of the gathered faithful.
What you need to know about the Plenary Council’s Second Assembly
The Second Assembly of the Plenary Council kicks off on 3 July. Here’s a quick refresher on the significance of this assembly, and a brief introduction to the Framework of Motions guiding the discussions.
Learning to love: Pope Francis praises ‘the beauty of the family’
At the conclusion of the 10th World Meeting of Families, Pope Francis praised families for their courage and sacrifice, and reflected on the family as the place where we ‘first learn to love’.
What would you do with gold? The Goold rush (Part 2)
We have already seen what people would do for gold. The question is: what would you do with gold once you got it? Bishop James Alipius Goold invested in a cultural patrimony we enjoy today, one that might make us think differently about what it means to be a missionary in our own context.
Melbourne’s Catholic and Anglican communities celebrate 175 years together
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On Sunday 26 June, representatives of the Catholic Archdiocese and Anglican Diocese of Melbourne came together to celebrate Choral Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral and to mark a shared anniversary: 175 years since both dioceses were established.
St Thomas the Apostle and the invitation to trust
Written by: Andrew Hamilton SJ
The feast of St Thomas, apostle, is usually celebrated on 3 July. Thomas is often referred to as ‘Doubting Thomas’. His story speaks to those of us tempted to share the doubt of a secular society, or to give up on finding Jesus within the community of his followers. But it also invites us to touch wounds, and to learn to trust.
‘The family of our local Church had always been made up of the individual families—in all their shapes, sizes and arrangements—who have sought to live their lives with Christ, in faith, hope and love.’
Archbishop Peter A Comensoli
on the history of our Archdiocese as a ‘family of families’
Upcoming Events
St Patrick's Cathedral Concert Featuring Michael Petruccelli
Friday 1 July 2022
Recognised as a ‘versatile’ and a 'confident' performer with a ‘pure glowing tenor’, Michael Petruccelli, accompanied by Coady Green (piano), present ‘L’invitation au Voyage’ at St Patrick’s Cathedral. The programme explores some of the most beautiful, inspiring, heart-breaking and bold music in the classical art song repertoire of Germany, the...
2022 NAIDOC Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral
Sunday 3 July 2022
NAIDOC Week is held across Australia in the first week of July each year, to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Join us at St Patrick's Cathedral for this special Mass to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. NAIDOC Week...
2022 NAIDOC Mass at St Francis' Church
Sunday 10 July 2022
Join the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) and Aboriginal Catholic Ministry for Victoria (ACMV) in a Mass to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. After Mass, there will be time for a light snack, tea and coffee in the pastoral rooms, as well as for checking...
The Outsider Pope: Where is Francis Leading Our Church?
Monday 11 July 2022
This latest Helder Camara lecture will feature The Tablet’s Vatican correspondent Christopher Lamb. Founded in 1840, the weekly journal is a hugely influential voice amongst the 1.3 billion Catholics worldwide. Joining in 2009 from the Daily Telegraph, Christopher Lamb also appears regularly on TV news around the world. In his...
Anniversary Mass for Couples at St Patrick’s Cathedral
Sunday 17 July 2022
Are you celebrating 25, 40, 50, or 60–70 years of marriage this year? Or did you celebrate one of those milestones in the last two years of lockdown? You and your family are invited to join us for the Anniversary Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Couples who register will receive...
Udisciple Focus Fridays
Friday 29 July 2022
University students across Melbourne are invited to join the uDisciple Team for a time of study, fraternity and prayer. Schedule 9:30am - Mass 10:00am - Coffee and Catch-up 10:15am - Study Block I 12:00md - Angelus and Rosary 12:20pm - Lunch Break (Lunch provided) 1:00pm – 3:00pm - Study Block...
St Patrick's Cathedral Concert Featuring Thomas Grubb
Friday 5 August 2022
Having worked as a producer for many of Australia’s major orchestras and musicians, Thomas Grubb presents an exciting Grand Organ Recital at St Patrick’s Cathedral. The program will include selected works by Buxtehude, Froberger, Bach, Greenbaum, Mendelssohn and Newcombe. Cost: $25 tickets online, or at the door. Children under 1...
Jesus in the Eucharist
Sunday 14 August 2022
Explore the centrality of the Eucharist at this afternoon event organised by Holy Eucharist & St Mary's Parish in Malvern East. Be inspired and guided in prayer and adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Timetable 1:45 pm - Arrive, 2:00 pm - The Eucharist in the Context of the Mass with...
‘In the Footsteps of St Mary MacKillop’ pilgrimage
Tuesday 17 October 2023
– Saturday 28 October 2023
Led by the Sisters of St Joseph, this pilgrimage is an invitation for prayer and reflection. Today, the Sisters of St Joseph recognise that each of us is on a daily journey of faith but there is a time in life when we feel called to join with others; seeking...
P.S. Before you go . . .
Learning the music of unity with Irenaeus of Lyon
Recently, Pope Francis declared St Irenaeus of Lyon the ‘Doctor of Unity’. What does this mean? For Irenaeus, unity was about sharing in the unbroken melody of God’s creation.

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