Safeguarding Essentials online training module launched for clergy and volunteers

Safeguarding Essentials is a 30-60 minute online training module for all clergy and volunteers within the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. Employees will soon be able to access the training module on Employment Hero.

This accessible and engaging resource provides clergy and volunteers with foundational knowledge in relation to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable persons from abuse and harm.

This will be:

  • an annual requirement for everyone
  • possible to complete individually online.

At the completion of the training:

  • participants will receive a certificate of completion accessible via the training module dashboard
  • participants will receive email notification that the module has been completed successfully
  • parishes will receive a report each quarter from the PSU listing those who have registered for the training and those who have completed the training. It is the responsibility of the parish to follow this up with their volunteers and clergy.

How to access the training

To access the online training go to:

To login, each volunteer or clergy member will need:

  • their unique Working with Children Check ID
  • an email address

To register, clergy will need to select ‘Archdiocese of Melbourne’ from the dropdown menu as their Primary Organisation of Service.

To register, volunteers will need to select their parish from the dropdown menu as their Primary Organisation of Service.

Visit our FAQs page to find answers to common questions about the Safeguarding Essentials online training module.

Hosting group training sessions

Parishes who would like to host a group session, only one Working with Children Check ID is necessary to log in, and the person with that ID will receive the certificate of completion.

For the group sessions, parishes are advised to record the following information for each participant:

  • first and last name
  • WWCC/VIT ID number and expiry date (all details should match exactly what is printed on the card)
  • an email address where reminder notifications can be sent (either the volunteer’s email, a care-of address or the parish email address)
  • the date on which the certification was obtained.

Those parishes who are using PACEM should send the PSU the information listed above for any volunteers who have satisfactorily completed the group training. The PSU will then work with IT to upload this information into the PACEM system.

A PowerPoint version of the online training and an attendance sheet template is now available for parishes to use. Please contact or your regional safeguarding officer to obtain a copy.

Please note, the PowerPoint version does not include audio narration, and parishes will be required to facilitate the training.

The PowerPoint version can be saved as a PDF document and distributed to participants as a hard copy, if desired.