Right people, right role, right knowledge

The self-assessment tool has been condensed, with standards grouped into four capability areas that are aligned to the second edition of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS).

CA Right people right role right knowledge

STANDARD 5: Robust human resource management

People working with children and adults are suitable and supported to reflect safeguarding values in practice.

STANDARD 7: Ongoing education and training

Personnel are equipped with knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children and adults safe through information, ongoing education and training.

This is realised through best practice human resource management covering the recruitment process, professional development and ongoing support and supervision of Church personnel. Providing appropriate and regular training to personnel so they are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities and know how to put policies and procedures into practice, helps protect children and adults at risk from abuse.

—ACSL, National Catholic Safeguarding Standards: Safeguarding children and adults at risk, Edition 2, 2022, p.8.