Leadership, monitoring and improvement

The self-assessment tool has been condensed, with standards grouped into four capability areas that are aligned to the second edition of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS).

CA Leadership and monitoring

Committed leadership, governance and culture

The safeguarding of children and adults is embedded in the entity’s leadership, governance and culture.

Continuous improvement

Entities regularly review and improve implementation of their systems for keeping children and adults safe.

These Standards are about making sure that a safeguarding culture is embedded in every aspect of Church life—in dioceses, parishes, religious congregations, ministries, schools, social, health and community services.
They ask our Church leadership and governance structures to be transparent and accountable, to set clear expectations, regularly monitor and review policies and practices, make improvements, and take actions to provide a safe environment for all people, especially children and adults at risk.

—ACSL, National Catholic Safeguarding Standards: Safeguarding children and adults at risk, Edition 2, 2022, p.8.