If you are curious about what the Catholic Church is about, then this part of our website is for you. We are so glad that you have found us and we hope you enjoy exploring some of what we believe and how we live.

We are a church made up of people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, from all over the greater Melbourne area. The thing we all have in common is the love of Jesus. The ‘good news’ we want to share with you is that you have been created by God as an utterly unique person who is deeply, passionately, individually loved. Nothing you can do can change God’s love for you. Nothing. Whoever you are, whatever you have done or where ever you have been, God’s love is bigger and stronger. We find that knowing this makes a big difference to our lives.

Life can be very hard and today’s world is incredibly complex. While no one can have all the answers, we would love to journey with you to explore your questions about life, faith and meaning. If you would like to learn more what it means to be Catholic, keep exploring this part of our website. If you would like to receive a free booklet about key aspects what it means to be Catholic, you can order one here. We’d also love to welcome you at one of our local communities (parishes).

If you would like to chat to someone, phone Adrian on (03) 9926 5709 and he will help connect you.