People leave the Catholic Church for many different reasons. Maybe you were raised Catholic but never got going as a Christian adult. Maybe you were hurt or feel angry with the Church, or a priest or a parish community. You may have been away for a few years or almost a lifetime.

Whatever your Catholic journey has been, if you are wanting to explore a new start, if you feel a yearning that draws you back to the Catholic Church, we would love to welcome and support you.

You are loved by God and your life is unique and precious. We want to listen to your story and reconnect you with the sacraments and the joy of a relationship with Jesus and the Church. To start the journey, find a parish and make yourself known to the priest or pastoral staff. We hope you will find a welcoming community of people to pray, learn and do life with.

You may like to read more about ‘coming home’ and find out more about prayer, reading the Bible and encountering God through the sacraments here.

If you would like help finding a parish or would like to chat to someone contact: or phone Adrian on (03) 9926 5709.