Once again we find ourselves in a state of lockdown following the latest outbreak of COVID-19 in our community. While this will not be a new experience for us, we continue to keep in our prayers all those who suffer from the effects of this virus.

This week's collection of stories includes a look at last Monday's Eucharistic celebration at St Patrick's Cathedral, one of several Masses that took place across the country to mark 200 years of Catholic education in Australia. This week also marks Reconciliation Week, the theme of which is "More than a word. Reconciliation takes action", and Andy Hamilton SJ reflects on the challenges that lie ahead in making this a reality. We also head out to St Mark's Parish in Fawkner, one of our most culturally diverse communities with parishioners of Italian, Irish, Lebanese, Indian, Sri Lankan and Filipino backgrounds – just a microcosm of the multicultural church that is Melbourne!

And finally, if your parish is not able to stream Mass online during this lockdown period, please be reminded that Masses continue to be streamed live daily from St Patrick's Cathedral on Saturdays (8am), Monday-Friday (1pm), and Sundays (11am). The Sunday Mass is also broadcast on community channel C31 (channel 44 on digital TV).