St Elizabeth’s Parish invites you to visit its Australian nativity scene on its 19th year of display. The nativity scene was created by artist Wilson Fernandez, and it has been regarded as one of Australia's most traditional nativity scenes and the largest of its kind in the country. The nativity scene features the village and township with handmade huts, stables, buildings, bridges, palaces, houses and temples surrounded by mountains, rocks, lakes and rivers.

Each week, the nativity scene conveys the story of Christmas. It features scenes starting with Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay, finding only a stable free, the birth of Jesus, visits from the shepherds and the three kings, and ends with the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt.

Viewing time: After Mass and, outside of Mass, by appointment only.

This event is open to everyone—children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For all enquiries, call the St Elizabeth’s Parish office on 9795 6217 or Wilson on 0428 927 110.

Event Date

Monday 5 December 2022
– Friday 13 January 2023


St Elizabeth's Parish, 107 Baker Road, Dandenong North