Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for your interest in getting married at St Patrick’s Cathedral, the spiritual home of Catholics in Melbourne and one of our city’s finest architectural feats. No doubt, your upcoming marriage is a cause of great joy and celebration amongst your family and friends. The Catholic Church family joyfully celebrates with you too. Marriage witnesses to the joy of living a life in communion and in service to others.


To make a booking for your wedding at St Patrick’s Cathedral, please complete the contact form below. We ask that you read carefully the following information prior to submitting the form. Once submitted, a member of the Cathedral Office will be in touch with you. For further information please contact or phone (03) 9662 2233.

We require at least 6 months notice prior to your proposed wedding date in order for all paperwork to be completed and marriage course to be undertaken prior to the wedding.

St Patrick's Cathedral is available for weddings on Saturdays at 12 noon, 2pm and 4pm.
The Cathedral can also offer weddings on Fridays and Sundays on request.
On Friday and Sunday the times available are 2pm and 4pm only.

Any Catholic priest or deacon registered as a Marriage Celebrant in Australia may officiate.

Cathedral priests are available. Any priest who does not have the faculties of the Archdiocese of Melbourne must submit the requisite warranties to the Vicar General’s Office, and forward a copy of the permission to the Cathedral at least one month prior to the wedding.

Yes, the Archdiocese requests that couples undertake an approved marriage counselling course prior to their wedding. These programs are designed to open up many issues which contribute to a successful and happy marriage. Your celebrant will guide you in your choice. Here are a few options available to you through the Archdiocese.

A Wedding Ceremony is when only one party is Catholic or both are Catholic but do not wish for a Nuptial Mass.
A Nuptial Mass is generally only possible when both parties are Catholic.

A Wedding Ceremony or Nuptial Mass is the official liturgy of the Church and must be in accord with The Order of Celebrating Matrimony approved for use in Australia (2015). Therefore readings must be scriptural. It is normally expected that a couple will print an order of service booklet to encourage guests to participate in the service. The Cathedral Office will provide you with a template.

Yes, one professional photographer and one professional video camera operator may take formal photographs of your wedding in the Cathedral.
They must sign a Protocol Agreement to comply with Cathedral practice.
Please note that artificial lighting/flash photography/flood lighting is not permitted in the Cathedral.

In consistent with child safety and vulnerable adult’s policies of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, we ask that all photographers & videographers at weddings produce a Working With Children Check in order to be permitted to operate in the cathedral.

If you currently have a WWCC, kindly scan and email the WWCC to at least one week prior to the wedding. This applies to all personnel from your firm who will be attending for photography or videography purposes.

If you do not have a WWCC, kindly apply for one immediately, and scan the receipt of application, and later, the WWCC.

The Cathedral Office will retain records of all those who have presented their WWCC so that in future, you will only need to inform the office of the date of your attendance at the Cathedral.
Any new members of staff will need to present a WWCC before being permitted to film.

These measures are to ensure that we all comply with the Victorian Child Safety Standards and I am sure you join us in being fully committed to child safety.

It is your responsibility that you have a valid WWCC and on obtaining a renewed WWCC we ask that you notify us at your earliest convenience.

Music for weddings is provided by professional church music employees of St Patrick’s Cathedral, familiar with the Liturgy of the Word
and other such requirements.

To avoid disappointment, we ask that you familiarise yourself with our Music for Cathedral Weddings Information Guide which contains the full list of music regulations, procedures, and approved song options.

Once your wedding booking is confirmed and the deposit paid, your song choices and booking of musicians will be organised via submission of an online form 3–4 months ahead of your wedding day.

  • In upholding theological and contextual norms for Cathedral liturgies, all music selections must be made from an approved list within the above-mentioned Weddings Information Guide.
  • The Cathedral Organist plays the Cathedral Organ during the Entrance and Exit. Vocal music is not permitted at these times.
  • If desired, a professional cantor (vocalist) from the Cathedral staff can be arranged to sing during the Signing of the Register, and, in the case of the Nuptial Mass, at Communion. A professional choir is also available upon request.
  • Only music employees of St Patrick’s Cathedral are authorised to provide the music for weddings.
  • Secular love songs, portable keyboards, and recorded music are not permitted.

For further information or clarification, please email the Cathedral Music Office:

Fees for Musicians









Vocal Quartet



The bells at St Patrick's Cathedral are over 170 years old and have been rung for various occasions throughout their history.
Cathedral bell ringers can be arranged for your wedding but must be arranged at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date to avoid disappointment.
Please Note:
The Bells are manually rung by 8 Bellringers.

Cost for Bells are $800.00 if the bells are rung either before or after the ceremony
$1,000.00 when bells are rung before and after ceremony

Flowers are arranged by the Cathedral Florist. Placement and colours are in accordance with the liturgical season. Pew bows and similar decorations are not permitted. Flower petals, confetti, rice and other various items are NOT to be thrown on the Cathedral grounds or in the Cathedral.

For 2024/2025, weddings at St Patrick's Cathedral cost $2,500. A deposit of $1,500 is required to secure the booking, and the balance of $1,000 is to be paid four (4) weeks prior to the wedding date.

Payment includes 1½ hours use of the Cathedral and grounds, along with the priest’s stipend and contribution to flowers. Please note:
The cost of musicians and bell ringing is additional.

Cancellation of confirmed bookings must be sent in writing. A refund of $1000 will be returned to you on cancellation.
$500 will be kept as administration fee.

Please note that no vehicles are permitted on Cathedral grounds.
No livestock (including doves, pigeons or butterflies) are permitted nor are to be released within the Cathedral grounds.

The late arrival of the bride (i.e. more than 10 minutes) is unacceptable and can cause serious inconvenience to staff, your guests and the next wedding party. Late arrivals may also result in musicians and bell ringers being unable to provide services for your wedding and a shortened ceremony.

To make a booking for your wedding at St Patrick’s Cathedral, please complete the form below. Once submitted, someone from the Cathedral Office will then be in touch with you.
For further information please contact or phone (03) 9662 2233.

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